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How long will shipping take?

Our order processing currently takes around 1-4 business days due to high demand. From there, shipping will currently take around 10-15 business days due to unfortunate world circumstances.

Where are your products shipped from?

Usually we ship from warehouses from all around the U.S, Asia and Europe, so depending on where you are located, your order would ship from the closest warehouse or the warehouse with the most inventory. However, due to the high demand of our products, some warehouses are currently sold out.

Do you accept PayPal?

We currently do not offer Paypal as a payment gateway. However, we do accept any major credit card. 

Can I use real golf balls with the driving net?

It is suggested that practice balls are used with our driving net. You can use real golf balls, however keep in mind hard drives of real golf balls will cause far more wear and tear on the net and there is potential for a ball to break through the net if driven hard enough. We recommend you use plastic or foam golf balls (available for purchase on our website) to maintain longevity of your driving net.